Delight customers around the world this holiday selling season

During the months of October – December, we see traffic increases on Amazon's marketplaces across the world and many sellers experience an increase in sales and activity on their store. We want to make sure that you are ready to maximize this opportunity and continue to delight customers. 

Win this holiday season across Amazon's global marketplaces in 6 simple steps


Review your inventory dashboard across all global marketplaces  

First things first: Plan your inventory proactively and send inventory early. Review your inventory dashboard for inventory velocity history to ensure items stay in-stock during the holiday. 

Review inventory dashboard in each region> EU, JP, AU, AE



Check for deal recommendations to plan inventory ahead

Check for deal recommendations in Upcoming Events to see holiday events open for Deals submissions. 

Check deal recommendations in each region> EU, JP, AU, AE



Refine product pages and listing details 

Fine-tune your pricing, product pages, and listing details. Add enhanced brand content to your detail pages which can result in more traffic, higher conversion rates, and increased sales.

Add enhanced brand content in each region> EU, JP, AU, AE


Expand to more marketplaces using build international listings 

You can save time and effort by managing offers in one marketplace but also grow across all Amazon's marketplaces. Learn more about how to expand globally.  

Use build international listings in each region> EU, JP, AU, AE


​​​​Optimize sponsored products campaigns to increase visibility  

Events lead to higher than normal traffic which can deplete campaign budgets faster than normal. Consider increasing your budget and bids.

Optimize sponsored products in each region> EU, JP, AU


Offer promotions to grow sales

Offer promotions like free shipping or use coupons to increase sales conversions. 

Use coupons/vouchers in each region>  EU, JP


Holiday calendars by region
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