Amazon Live Creator Community Policy

This Community Policy sets out the rules for livestreaming in our community, and applies to all content you submit as a creator.  We take the integrity of our community very seriously and any attempt to manipulate community content or features is strictly prohibited. If you violate this Community Policy, we may restrict your access to the community, your permissions to livestream or submit content, or we may suspend or terminate your account entirely, in each case without any obligation to reimburse you for any costs or expenses you may have incurred.  Please note that this Community Policy may be modified from time to time so you’re encouraged to check back for updates.


1. Eligibility


2. Claims


3. Competitor comparisons

4. Prices and promotions

5. Product Guarantees and Warranties

6. Customer Reviews

7. Restricted Products and Claims

Alcohol-Related Products

Health, beauty, and weight loss

Other unacceptable products

You should not include the following product categories in your livestreams:

8. Conduct and Content

Your conduct in the community and any content you share should not:

Additional content requirements:

You may only livestream about products that are available for sale on and you must include at least one product in the product carousel during each livestream.  Amazon reserves the right to remove prohibited or otherwise ineligible items from a carousel.

Content you stream should be primarily live, with the majority of your livestream content captured and streamed in real-time. If any pre-recorded video is included in your livestream, it cannot be “looped” or played on repeat multiple times, and any such pre-recorded video cannot exceed 5 minutes in duration.

9. Children

10. Violations

Amazon will protect the customer experience and in doing so will reflect the spirit, not merely the letter, of this Community Policy. Amazon reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account or pause or remove any content that we deem to be negatively affecting the viewer experience, whether or not the behavior has been explicitly prohibited by this Community Policy.  This Community Policy does not comprehensively list every type of content that Amazon could restrict or block, nor every basis on which Amazon may restrict or block content. 

11. Other Terms and Conditions

In addition to this Community Policy, your participation in the community is subject to the Amazon Community Guidelines.
By participating in the community, you accept our Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, agree to abide by applicable laws, rules, regulations and guidance and release Amazon and its affiliates from any claim or liability arising from your content. If you are authorized to livestream on behalf of an Amazon Seller or Vendor, you must clearly disclose such relationship, and the terms of the applicable Seller or Vendor agreement will apply to your participation in the community.

In addition to and without limitation of the foregoing, if you are a Seller, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions set forth in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement and if you are a Vendor, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions set forth in Amazon’s Sponsored Ads Agreement.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, you waive all moral rights, rights of privacy and rights of publicity in the content you submit to the community, and agree to provide Amazon with any necessary third-party permissions, clearances, and releases upon request.
If this Community Policy conflicts or is otherwise inconsistent with any other policy, conditions or guidelines referenced herein, this Community Policy will govern.