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Enrolling into the Amazon Business seller program enables to use pricing features that help you win high-volume sales from Amazon business customers such as ‘Quantity Discounts’ and ‘Business prices’. We have enrolled you into the Amazon Business seller program for free now. Grow your sales by taking advantage of the features listed below: 

* This enrollment will not cost you any additional cost. If you do not want to sell on Amazon with the Amazon Business tools and features, you can click here to unenroll. In order to use ‘Quantity Discounts’ and ‘Business Prices’ feature, it is necessary to set up on your side. Since Amazon Business columns will be automatically added in some types of Inventory Reports, ensure that you are generating the correct report while using third-party connections or systems.

Explore your new features and selling tools

① Quantity Discounts feature
Quantity Discounts feature enables you to offer tiered discounts to Amazon Business customers who are in need of higher-volume purchases. Since Amazon Business customers can directly submit a quantity discount request to sellers, offering quantity discount to customers allows to win high-volume sales and earn repeat business.
Set up Quantity Discounts ›
*Unhide the ‘Business Price’ feature on the ‘Manage Inventory’ page before setting up Quantity Discounts. To know more about how to set up quantity discounts, click here.
See the image below to view when to set up Quantity Discounts:
② Business prices
Business Prices feature enables to offer special price for Amazon Business customers as well as standard price. In addition, you can make a business-only offer such as industrial items exclusively for Amazon Business customers.  

③ B2B Central
B2B Central allows you to see B2B sales by Amazon Business customers and top selling items. B2B Central is located on ‘B2B’ tab on Seller Central.