Prime Day is a major shopping event

Tens of millions of Prime members made a purchase on Prime Day 2017, more than 50% higher than the prior year.* Use advertising to help stand out from the crowd, reach a wider audience, and kick off the holiday shopping season. Start now to learn what works for your advertising strategy, and use those insights for the rest of the year (the holidays really are just around the corner).

It's easy to start advertising

Sponsored Products are pay-per-click ads that promote individual listings in search results and product detail pages. These ads target relevant keywords and reach shoppers when they're ready to buy. All you need to get started is a few minutes, at least $10 daily budget, and products that are eligible for the Buy Box.

No advertising experience is required. Visit our New Advertiser Success Guide for step-by-step guidance in creating your first Sponsored Products ad campaign.

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Prime Day advertising tips

Use these strategies in your advertising to help reach more Prime Day shoppers.

  • Learn about our advertising products

    Know what you're working with. Visit our advertising overview page to see how each ad product works, where the ads appear, and eligibility requirements.

  • Start early

    We expect shoppers to start visiting Amazon in the days leading up to Prime Day. Start advertising now to reach these early shoppers and begin testing keywords and bids.

  • Strengthen your budget

    We recommend you start advertising with a budget of at least $10—but you should also make sure it’s high enough to let you take advantage of the extra traffic around Prime Day and help you reach your goals. Your ads will automatically pause when you reach your daily budget, so you don't want to miss out on the Prime Day crowds.

    For Prime Day 2017, sellers using Sponsored Products saw a 150-200% lift in ad clicks and a 100%-150% lift in ad-attributed sales compared to the previous Tuesday.

  • Be always-on

    Capture traffic even after Prime Day by running your ad campaigns with no end date.

    Shoppers are always on, so keep your ads live so you don't miss out on potential sales now and throughout the holiday shopping season.

  • Prepare your inventory and product detail pages

    Make sure you have enough stock for Prime Day shoppers, especially for your most popular products. Review your product detail pages ahead of time to ensure they have high-quality images and accurate, descriptive, and useful information.

  • Use two types of targeting

    Start with automatic targeting for your first Sponsored Products ad campaign, which lets Amazon do the work of matching your ads to relevant keywords.

    Then create a new campaign using manual targeting, which gives you more control over choosing keywords to target and bidding higher on the ones that generate the most sales.

  • Bid competitively

    To compete for Prime Day traffic, increase your bids so you are more likely to win the auction for your keywords and have your ad displayed to shoppers.

    To increase the chances of your ads appearing at the top of search results, turn on Bid+. When Bid+ is enabled, Amazon may increase the bids for ads that are eligible for the top of search results by up to 50% when they are more likely to lead to a purchase.

Want even more information? Our 2018 Advertising Best Practices e-book has in-depth recommendations for creating and optimizing your ad campaigns.

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Use Prime Day to grow your brand audience

Sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry are eligible for two additional ad products.

Headline Search Ads

Headline Search Ads are keyword-targeted pay-per-click ads just like Sponsored Products. But these ads, which appear in search results, have extra features that can help promote your brand and overall product offerings. Headline Search Ads display your brand logo, three products, and a custom headline. They drive traffic to individual product detail pages as well as a landing page that displays your product selection. Use these features to help shape the way your brand is seen by shoppers.


You only pay when shoppers click on your Headline Search Ads. You don't pay for impressions (or the number of times your ad is displayed to shoppers). Build up your impressions to grow awareness of your brand.


Drive traffic to your Amazon Store by using it as the landing page for your Headline Search Ads. You can also use it as a destination for off-Amazon marketing campaigns.

Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores are multipage brand-centric shopping destinations. They're free to create, and our pre-built templates help you construct a compelling Store without any previous website experience. You can add images and videos, showcase new or top-selling products, and use widgets to customize the experience for individual shoppers.

Success on Prime Day is about more than the number of sales you make in a day—it's also about building brand loyalty and bringing shoppers back to purchase your products over and over again. Advertising with Headline Search Ads and promoting your Amazon Store will help you introduce your brand to shoppers and develop that recognition and loyalty.

Find more tips on Headline Search Ads and Amazon Stores in our 2018 Advertising Best Practices e-book.

Make the best out of Prime Day

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*Amazon press release, 2017