Your Handmade Resource Guide

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We’re excited to introduce your amazing products to our 250 million customers worldwide. To help you use all of our features and get the most out of your shop, we’ve created a resource guide below with everything you need to get started and succeed on Handmade. All of the steps you need to setup shop is covered below and in much more detail in our Artisan Style Guide.
If you have questions along the way, visit our Handmade help articles in your Seller Central account. You can access these at any time by clicking Help in the upper right hand corner of your Seller Central tool bar or you can contact our Seller Support team by clicking on the Contact Us link in your Seller Central account. Also be sure to check out the Getting Started Guide for more tips about managing your Handmade at Amazon business and navigating Seller Central. Links to all of these resources and more are available at the bottom of this email.
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  1. Setting up Shop: Once you’ve registered it’s time to setup your Artisan Profile. Your profile tells customers your story and inspires them to buy your products, so you’ll want to spend time making it great! Customers can get to your Artisan Profile from all of your Handmade listings on and are able to see all of your listings on your profile. You will need to complete all of the required Artisan Profile information before listing your first product, but you can always come back and make changes.
  1. Listing Products: After you’ve setup your Artisan Profile, it’s time to list your Handmade products. Review the Help section on listing your products with an overview of everything you’ll need to know to get your products up and ready to sell.
  1. Product Images: Beautiful product images are the best way to showcase your products. It’s important to have clear, high-quality photos. The most successful product pages on Amazon show multiple images. We highly recommend visiting our Artisan Style Guide, where you will find detailed descriptions and illustrations regarding image sizes, backgrounds, and more.
  1. Customizations: Once you’ve setup your Artisan Profile and listed your products you can add up to 10 Customizations for each product. If applicable, choose from one of three types of customizations:
    • A List of Options: Add a list of customized options for customers to choose from—for example, size, color, metal, and material.
    • Text Entry Box: Use this for engravings, monograms, or any other word-related custom features.
    • Number Entry Box: Utilize this for custom width, height, and/or dimensions. Learn more
  1. Shipping: Once you’ve setup your shop, it’s important to review your shipping settings and select the right shipping settings for your business. Maintaining accurate shipping times are critical to maintaining a strong performance rating on Amazon. When listing your handmade products, you must enter a quantity and production time for each product on the Required Info section of the Add a Product tool. The Quantity you enter should represent the number of units you can create within the Production Time you specify. Learn more
  1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Leverage our fulfillment networks and expertise so that your customers and your business benefit. You send your products to Amazon fulfillment centers where, we pick, pack, and ship. We provide world class customer service for your products, all for a set fee. Your products will be eligible for free shipping on qualifying orders and Amazon Prime. Amazon customer love FREE Shipping and Amazon Prime. Learn more

  2. Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is another option to become Prime Eligible and grow your business for those that wish to keep product distribution within their warehouse, not Amazon.  Use your existing fulfillment capabilities and add the prime badge to items you ship directly to the customer. By participating in SFP, you’ll still be able to offer Prime members fast FREE Two-Day Delivery and offer all customers nationwide FREE standard shipping. If you decide SFP is the right choice for you and your business, you can enroll in SFP now through a few simple steps.

  3. Getting Found: Being discovered by customers takes a combination of best practices and patience. There is no perfect recipe for success for selling on Handmade, but here are a few tips to get you started.
    1. Titles: Keep your titles shorter, sweet, and represent only the main product, not specific customizations or options. (Example: Custom 12oz ceramic coffee mug cup)
    2. Keywords: When listing a product, keywords will help your products appear in search, so you don’t need to add them to your product title. Learn more
    3. Product Description: Give customers an overview of the key features of your product in the Product Description. Use this space to talk about the details of your product and what makes it unique.
    4. Occasion Type: When editing the inventory for your listings you can select up to 4 occasions for your product. Occasion is a vital field for helping Handmade customers discover products for specific events or themes.
    5. Product Images: High quality images that show your product in its best light can help your products get noticed. We recommend using images at least 500 pixels in height or width.
    6. Sponsored Products: Target shoppers searching for products like yours. Ads can appear on page 1 of Amazon search results, related product detail pages and more. Get $50 in free advertising when you get started! Learn more

  4. Please visit the comprehensive Artisan Style Guide to learn more about crafting your product listings. If you have any questions, a member of our Seller Support team is always available to help you via email, phone, or chat.

    We’re delighted you joined us at Handmade. Welcome!

    -The Handmade at Amazon Team

    Additional Resources
    • Seller University: Videos and educational resources for selling on all of Amazon.
    • Handmade Help: The Handmade specific Help section on Seller central for all resources you’ll need to get your business up and running.
    • Handmade at Amazon Getting Started Guide (PDF): Guide for getting around Seller Central, Managing your orders, communicating with customers, and understanding Seller Performance metrics.
    • Communicating with Buyers: Help reference page for best practices for communicating with buyers.
    • Seller Forums: Interact with our community of Artisans to ask questions or help fellow Artisans with their questions.