[E-guide] The rise of B2B e-commerce
A $9 trillion channel that will soon be bigger than B2C

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B2B e-commerce is getting bigger every year.

Online business sales have accelerated so rapidly that they are overtaking retail e-commerce sales. Global B2B e-commerce transactions are growing at a faster rate than online retail sales and are expected to reach 9 trillion in 2021.*

No matter what industry you are in, the sustained growth in online procurement represents an opportunity too big to ignore.

This brief guide describes how sellers like you can take advantage of the booming e-commerce channel. You will learn:

  • The major growth trends in B2B e-commerce around the world
  • How fast Amazon Business is growing — with $10 billion in projected global annualized B2B sales
  • Why selling on Amazon Business can help you take advantage of the rise in B2B e-commerce

  • *Mapping the $9 Trillion US B2B Online Commerce Channel, Forrester, April 2018