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Use Single Sign-on to simplify managing your Seller Central accounts


Hello from Amazon Services,

Linking your accounts is the foundation to selling across Amazon’s North American, European, and Japanese marketplaces. It enables us to show your sales, orders, and buyer messages from all of your global marketplaces in one place, so that you can better manage your business.

And now, when you link your accounts, you'll be able to use Single Sign-on. This new feature enables you to:

  1. Login to any Seller Central account using any set of account credentials. Before, you had to login to each Seller Central account using a different email and password combination. Now you can use any existing email and password combination to access any of your Seller Central accounts.
  2. Navigate between all of your marketplaces from a single page. Now the marketplace switcher will allow you to navigate between any of your marketplaces, including those from other regions where you have linked your accounts.
  3. Get a global view of your entire business. With the Sell Globally dashboard, review your sales, orders, and buyer messages from all of your global marketplaces in one place, allowing you to simplify managing your business.


  1. Visit the ‘Sell Globally’ page within Seller Central:
  2. From the ‘Sell Globally’ page, select the region you want to link to (i.e.: North America, Europe, or Japan).
  3. If you have an existing account, click “Link accounts”. Seller CentralOR
  4. If you do not have an existing account, click “Register now”.

Learn more about linking your accounts:


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