What Do Customers See?

When Looking at the Product On Amazon

Customer's view when looking at your product ›

When going through the Checkout Process

Customer's view during checkout process ›

Post Checkout: Customer is awaiting your call!

You will be provided the customers phone number, please call as soon as possible to schedule Service/Delivery. Once delivery has been scheduled,
please send confirmation through Amazon's messaging system for our records, and your own.

How It Works For Sellers

Once you have been approved for the program, and have an active Seller Central Account, Selling Products + Services on Amazon is a simple process.

1. List your products

You can add products to the Amazon Marketplace catalog one at a time, or you can add large batches of items using bulk tools.

Two ways to list products

1. List products already on Amazon.com

Through ASIN matching, you can use UPC codes to match to products that are already listed on Amazon (this allows you to avoid adding photos, descriptions, and product data since it's already on Amazon). To do this, use the Inventory Loader File

2. List products not yet on Amazon.com

  • Collect your UPC/EAN and SKU for each product you want to list
  • List products attributes - for example title, description, photos, and bullet points.
  • Use an Inventory File to upload all product data. Follow the wizard to download the proper file.

2. List your services

After you list your products, you need to list your services, along with the region you service. Do this via Service Settings. Add your Service region, add your service pricing (completed in the same process), and now your products and services will surface to Amazon customers in your region.

3. Deliver and Service your products

Most products have 3 different services that can be offered. Unpack (Whiteglove), Assembly/Install, and Assembly/Install + Haul Away (You're not required to list every service, you can opt out if not a good fit). See below for example.

Example of Services ›

Delivery Walkthrough PDF ›

4. Use the App, Get Paid

Amazon deposits payment into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent.

Use The Selling Services on Amazon APP to complete jobs, and add funds to your account.